Learning How to Change Oil in Riding Lawn Mower in 2020

Typically, you should change the oil in your riding lawnmower once every year. Alternatively, it is advisable to replace it every 50 hours. These recommendations apply only when you have been using the lawnmower. If not, you should not worry about changing the oil. Here, you will learn how to change oil in riding lawn mower.

Additionally, the frequency at which you change the oil depends on how often you use the mower and the conditions under which you work. For example, those working in extremely dusty conditions have no option than to change their oil more frequently. Without good and clean oil, your mower would not function well.

How to Change Oil in Riding Lawn Mower: Preparations

First, you have to prepare all the tools needed for the job. Here, you will need a fresh supply of oil. You would also need several shop rags and a filter, which is critical for riding mowers that have it. An oil pan and a few wrenches are also necessary tools for this kind of work. Furthermore, use only an oil pan that is approved for this kind of work.

On top of that, you should not ignore the information published on the manufacturer’s manual. It contains crucial details that should help you to select the right kind of oil. For the most part, manufacturers recommend 10W-30W oil. Alternatively, you could just straight up go for the 30W oil.

You also prepare by:

  • Parking the mower on firm flat surface
  • Running the engine for around 1 minute to keep the oil moving
  • Turning off the engine
  • Giving it around 10 minutes to cool
  • Disconnecting spark plug wire to avoid accidental starts

Moreover, it is important to know the signs to check for before determining if an oil change is necessary. Here, you would need a dipstick. Check the dipstick after dipping into the engine. If the oil appears dirty or contains debris and other floating stuff, then you should start planning for an oil change.

Check the hour meter too to make sure that you change oil only based on the recommended schedule. It is fine to estimate too, but only if you keep accurate records of all the times you change oil. For example, if you mow for four hours each week, it would take you about three months to get to the target of 50 hours when the next oil change is due.

Drain Old Oil

Next, you now have to drain all the old oil from the riding lawnmower. Learn this first before you proceed to ask how to change oil in riding lawn mower. To do this, you would first have to check under the motor to locate the oil drain plug. Depending on your model, you might notice that a twist cap is attached to the drains.

Twist the cap, turn the valve by hand or wrench the valve. Do what is applicable in your lawnmower. It is advisable to attach a hose to the drains to ensure that no oil drops to the other parts of the engine. To enable better flow, you might have to give it some backpressure too.

Changing the Filter

Again, the fact that you are only interesting in learning how to change oil in riding lawn mower does not mean the other tasks are less important. For example, changing the filter is an important aspect of this task. As you do that, remember to clean the surrounding mountain ring too.

A coat of fresh oil is worth applying to the gasket of the new filter as well. Before you move into another task, make sure that all the loose components are properly tightened. Otherwise, you would have plenty of cleaning to do with all the mess that leaks leave behind. It does not hurt to check and recheck that all screws, bolts, caps, and valves are tightened once more.

Add Fresh Oil

After removing the old oil, you are now in prime position to add fresh oil. Before doing this, you would need to shut the drain valve completely. While at it, remember to wipe any hint of residual oil or grime with a clean piece of cloth. Next, refill the fill port with the fresh oil. Here, you need to exercise a bit of caution.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions again to know the exact amount of oil to add. Adding too much oil would cause the exhaust to emit a dangerous haze of smoke. Furthermore, copious amounts of oil are a huge risk to the spark plugs. Remember to reconnect the spark plug wire too before restarting the engine.

What to Do with the Old Oil

Your task is not complete, though. First, you would need to start the engine and allow it to run for a few minutes to give the fresh oil ample time to spread around the engine. Afterward, check the level of oil again before topping it off in case it never reached the recommended level. Once done, your next worry should be the old oil.

What do you do with it? Or, is your work complete now that you have learned how to change oil in riding lawn mower? Mostly, the only option available to you is to recycle the old oil. Look for an approved and licensed oil-recycling center where you can dispose the oil at t avoid leaving it haphazardly in your house.

What you should avoid doing is to:

  1. Dispose the old oil down a drain
  2. Drain it into a sewer
  3. Discard it on the ground

Our Final Thoughts

Do you now know how to change oil in riding lawn mower in 2020? The above information features all the tips that should guide you in this process so that you never have to call a technician to do this. First, prepare all the supplies needed for the work. Next, drain all the old oil before changing the filter and adding fresh oil.

As you do that, avoid spilling oil all over the place. Watch out so that oil does not spill into other parts of the mower where it is not wanted. Be careful with the old oil. Instead of discarding it aimlessly around the lawn, take it to a nearby oil-recycling center.

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