John Deere Z345M 42 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review

The John Deere Z345M is an ideal zero-turn riding lawn mower for the people having land of 2 to 5 acres and wanting a smooth and great cutting experience with the ability to maneuver swiftly around the pathways and objects.

Due to its heavy-duty frame tubing giving it a strong body and its big sized rear wheels the mower can take some jerks over some bumps and a small slope without affecting the running of the mower or the riding engine. The seat is suspended with two springs giving the comfort to the driver/operator over a hill or an uneven ground area.

Features of John Deere Z345M: 

This riding mower offers great power from its 22hp ready start engine branded by John Deere (manufactures highly reliable and efficient engines for tractors and other vehicles). The mower can go to a mowing speed up to 7 miles per hour while going forward and up to 3.5 miles an hour in reverse. The speed and direction can be controlled by twin levers on the side.

The ready start engine mode in this mower offers the comfort of not having to pull a lever to start the mower but can be started just like a car does. The engine has an amazing capacity of 3-gallon fuel at a time. The mower features a deck of 42 inches which covers three large blades whose height being able to adjust gives you a range of cutting heights increasing your flexibility and effectiveness.

The blades can be set at 1 to 4 inches from the ground with an adjustable hand lever and a foot lever which can increase or decrease the height with 0.25 inches per increment/decrement. The platform above the deck can also be removed for easing the purpose of cleaning and maintaining the deck. This product also features a 2years or 120hours bumper to bumper warranty from the company.

Additional Features of the John Deere Z345M:

There are some other features that this machine offers that are not mentioned above:

  • The mower offers a comfortable and smooth riding experience with its thick cushioned seats that are suspended by 2 replaceable hard metal springs for shock control over bumps and uneven ground. The seat also has a ridged design on the back for better air-flow to keep the operator cool. 
  • There are also armrests for the operator either made or coated with rubber for extra grip on the resting arms.
  • Other comfort features include cup-holders on the right side for two different sizes of cups. A shade for sunlight protection and rubber mat for resting your feet on is also available but optional.
  • It has a Fuel Gauge featuring a low-fuel light which shows if the fuel in the mower is below a certain level.
  • There is a parking brake hand lever on the lower left side of the seat which stops it from rolling while parked.

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Pros and Cons of John Deere Z345M: 

John Deere Z345MAs with any riding mower, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this mower from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the John Deere Z345M.


  • This mower can fill 3 gallons of fuel and has a John Deere branded 22hp V-twin powerful engine which can go 7mph and is durable in the long run.
  • The engine is started without having to pull a lever with its Ready Start technology that starts the engine by the press of a key.
  • The seat is very comfortable and designed for a premium experience.
  • It has a 42-inch big deck with three sharp blades that have the adjustable height for a large range of heights between 1-4 inches.
  •  The lift system offers a hand lever with an additional option of a foot lever for ease.


  • The mower does not cut the grass in the reverse mode as well as in forward. And the blades will get damaged if used in such a way for a long time. 
  • There are no headlights, sunshades, and mat included with the mower but you have to buy separately.
  • The blades in the deck are difficult to change and replace.

Alternatives to the John Deere Z345M

We here at Best Riding Lawn Mowers know that one mower isn’t the end-all-be-all. As such, we want to ensure you have alternative options available. Below is a table with four alternative riding mowers that may better meet your needs.

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Our Verdict on the John Deere Z345M: 

The John Deere Z345M 42 zero turns is the perfect riding mower for you if you 2 to 5 acres of land to mow and maintain. It is designed according to the residential usage which gives a comfortable chair and sitting experience to the operator with easy lever functions. It is a good deal too since John Deere also offers a 2yrs/120hrs warranty and a white glove delivery service with it.

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