Troy Bilt Super Bronco 13AJA1BZ066 Front Engine Mower Review

If you are looking for a powerful lawnmower, then this is one of the best options for you. The Troy Bilt Super Bronco is a front-engine mower that has everything you are looking for. Before you buy mowers, you must be well acquainted with certain specifications and features that they come with.  

The Troy Bilt Super Bronco is a popular choice among residents looking for a hefty yet functional product for their gardens. This item comes with a colossal 50-inch reinforced cutting deck. It is enough to cut through the peskiest of grasses and weeds in your garden. 

The engine is an XP twin-cylinder kind that ensures strength and durability to your product. This mower is also extremely easy to control and manage. You can owe this to the pedal-controlled tuff torque hydrostatic transmission. It allows you to maneuver the mower the way you like it without too much effort. 

Given below are a few more specifications you can go through before you buy this mower.

Troy-Bilt 13AJA1BZ066

Features of the Troy-Bilt 13AJA1BZ066

Here are a few top features of the Troy Bilt Super Bronco. This product has qualities you are unlikely to find in mowers of the same price point. These features are:

  • Horsepower: 24 HP
  • Width of Cut: 50 inches
  • Fueling Capacity: 3.0 gallons

The top features might catch your eye. However, this seated mower has a lot more to offer. You will be taken aback by its qualities and features at such a price point. Some additional features of the Troy Bilt Super Bronco include:

  • Built-in headlights: This mower consists of headlights built into it. The addition of headlights in a lawnmower may seem unnecessary. However, with proper lighting, you can now maintain your property at all hours of the day, even in dim lighting.
  • Comfortable seat: Maintaining a large property requires you to spend ample amounts of time in its upkeep. Regular lawn mowers might be just a tad bit too uncomfortable to use. So, a riding mower is your best option. The Troy Bilt Super Bronco comes equipped with comfortable seats.
  • Hydrostatic transmission and cruise control: Riding mower require a little skill to handle. With most mowers, you might have to put in a lot of effort but not with the Troy Bilt Super Bronco. The hydrostatic transmission allows you to control the direction of the mower very accurately. You can make precise movements and keep switching up the speed as you like it. This swift change in speed and direction is what makes this mower the perfect machine for large properties. 
  • Cast-iron front axle: The cast-iron front axle ensures your mower is durable. When it comes to riding mowers, you need to pay special attention to their strength. You will be mowing large spans of land at once. There will also be a variety of weeds growing on your land. To ensure proper upkeep, your mower needs to perform well in rugged situations. This cast-iron axle will make sure your Troy Bilt Super Bronco performs perfectly in such situations.
  • 50-inch cutting deck: Cuts through the most difficult of terrains. If you are facing trouble managing your land then this powerful mower is the aid you need, it can slice through the tall grass like no big deal and save you a lot of time and effort.

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Pros and Cons of the Troy Bilt Super Bronco

troy bilt super broncoAs with any riding mower, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this mower from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Troy-Bilt 13AJA1BZ066.


  • 24 HP XP twin-cylinder engine
  • Tight turning radius
  • Reliable performance and smooth handling
  • Cast iron axle for robust performance
  • Smooth riding because of the hydrostatic transmission
  • Easy to maneuver because of cruise control
  • Wide 50-inch cutting deck with an easily adjustable deck height


  • Storage might be a problem 
  • Regular oiling is needed 
  • Price significantly higher than regular mowers
  • Higher return on investment for professional mowers

Alternatives to the Troy-Bilt 13AJA1BZ066

We here at Best Riding Lawn Mowers know that one mower isn’t the end-all-be-all. As such, we want to ensure you have alternative options available. Below is a table with four alternative riding mowers that may better meet your needs.


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Our Final Verdict

The Troy Bilt Super Bronco is one of the best lawn mowers you can opt for when dealing with large properties. This mower has all the right features that you are looking for. Moreover, it is easy to use technology makes it perfect for beginners and non-professionals too. 

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