John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower Review

John Deere, a brand name of Deere & Company, which dates back to 1804, is an American company. It manufactures machinery for the uses of agriculture, forestry, and construction. It is very popular for its heavy equipment, including lawn care machines. John Deere is ranked 87th in the U.S. in the Fortune 500 company list.

The John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower is a versatile front engine mower. It has a good turning radius and boasts a cutting deck height that ranges from 1 to 4 inches. It has a well-positioned steering wheel and seat, which is angled to give the driver maximum comfort.

An absolute delight for professional agricultural tasks, the John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower is American-made with the highest quality materials at the Tennessee John Deere factory.

Read on to find out more about the John Deere E100 Mower and why it is one of the best of its kind in the market.

John Deere E100

Features of the John Deere E100

  • Horsepower: 17.5 HP
  • Width of Cut: 42 inches
  • Fueling Capacity: 2.4 gallons

With a powerful engine and precise cutting blades, there is more to the John Deere E100 front mower than its design. Here are its features that make it a winner in the market:

Powerful Engine

John Deere E100 mower has a single-cylinder engine with high power to endure tough mowing and mulching. The engine operates at a horsepower of 17.5-hp (13.0-kW). It has an electronic ignition that starts the mower within seconds. The John Deere E100 is also known for its spring-return feature that ensures that the throttle is not left at a choke position.

The engine has cast-iron along its cylinder lining to ensure durability. The strong valves are designed to give power to the engines and maintain fuel economy. The engine has a smooth anti-vibration system that makes riding the mower comfortable. The fuel filter is large to ensure full-pressure lubrication for clean fuel. The engine is designed for prolonged use and efficiency. California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified the John Deere E100 engine for minimum air pollution.

Smartly Designed Fuel Tank

John Deere E100 has a large fuel tank with a capacity of 2.4 U.S. gal. The fuel tank has a gauge that shows the quantity of fuel in the tank. The rider thus does not have to leave the operator’s seat. The fuel tank is conveniently placed to allow efficient refueling.

The sealed and tethered fuel cap ensures that the vapors stay inside and don’t leave the tank. The fuel tank has a great design that places it very convenient to avoid any spillage or wastage of fuel.

Reliable Equipment

John Deere E100 has a welded steel frame that is robotically constructed. It is made of 12 gauge, 0.105 inches steel. It is a full-length design that contains high-strength steel rails for durability. The key feature of this frame is the one-piece fender that is bolted firmly to the frame’s surface. This provides more strength and support to the mower.

The front axle is made of iron. It provides a car-like steering system that consists of pinion and sector steering gears. The single drag link paired with a tie rod gives a responsive and tight-turning steering system. The steering wheel has a large diameter of 0.75 inches and promises durability. The cutting blades ensure precision and speedy cutting.

Auto transmission and comfortable seating

The auto transmission feature allows the operator to change the forward or reverse travel speed. This can be done by simply pressing the foot pedal. The operator can choose if he wants a slow speed for trimming purposes or quicker speed for open lawn mowing.

The operator seat is aimed at giving ease of access and maximum comfort. It has easy-to-access control panels and an angled three-spoke steering wheel. The seat has a high, tilted, and cushioned back that offers the operator great comfort while operating the mower. The right fender also boasts a beverage holder.

John Deere E100 also has debris-removing channels on the footrest panel to ensure a clean and dry footrest at all times. There are anti-vibration and non-slip floor mats to ensure quality seating.

Safety, Warranty, and Affordability

The John Deere E100 has two high-quality incandescent headlights that ensure safe usage during the night. The mower meets all ANSI and OPEI standards. It promises a 2-year or 120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The John Deere E100 is available at an affordable price that typically hovers around 1,599 USD. This is a great deal for a high-quality machine with great all-round features.

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Pros and Cons of the John Deere E100

john deere e100As with any riding mower, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this mower from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the John Deere E100.


  • Two cutting blades shear grass with precision and efficiency
  • Comfortable operator station with supportive seat and convenient beverage holder
  • Responsive steering handles tight turning angles
  • American-made at the Tennessee John Deere factory
  • Affordable price and reliable performance


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Alternatives to the John Deere E100

We here at Best Riding Lawn Mowers know that one mower isn’t the end-all-be-all. As such, we want to ensure you have alternative options available. Below is a table with four alternative riding mowers that may better meet your needs.

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Our Final Verdict

The John Deere E100 front mower is a well-designed, efficient mower with excellent features. Its robust design comes with durable parts like the iron cast axle and the strong steel cast frame. It has a fuel-efficient and convenient design.

The cutting blades in the mower allow great precision, and the seating provides impeccable support. The key advantage of this mower lies in its price. It is a high-quality machine at a very affordable rate, which is easy to use for both professionals and homeowners.

If your farmland or large yard needs quick and professional maintenance, the John Deere E100 Front Engine Mower is the best in the business, and will make for an excellent choice!

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