Troy Bilt Mustang 42 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review

Lawn or Yard mower is a quite efficient tool for keeping the grass well-groomed. The first as well as the main priority to pick the proper lawn mower must be to identify the suitable kind of mower as per your garden size. Whenever the grass throughout the rocky 18-hole golf duration needs to be cut, cruising or zero turning mower is indeed a great option.  One great example of this is the Troy Bilt Mustang 42.

On the other hand, when your garden is only 0.5 to 1 acre, a move-behind or automatic mower will be recommended. Don’t worry. Check out this in-depth review of Troy Bilt Mustang 42 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower which has exceptional characteristics and you may consider it buying for your lawn.

Features of the Troy Bilt Mustang 42

The 42-inch Troy-Bilt Mustang 42 HP Zero Spin Mower offers premium productivity and allows quick mowing of your garden. Fitted with a potent 22 HP Kohler Dual Courage motor and double EZT distribution, this mower has been designed to perform powerfully on your garden chores this summer. This mower works at a progressive velocity of 7 MPH as well as a backward velocity of 2.5 MPH.

For quick and simple blade interaction, the Mustang 42 comes fitted with Electrical PTO (power take-off). The freshly engineered industrial-strength frame, the no-turn Mustang 42 cruising lawnmower, is developed for prolonged life.

The Troy-Bilt Mustang 42 452cc allows getting stuff done rapidly and easily whilst also retaining a conventional cruising mower’s vintage architecture. Also, this innovative look enables you to keep further influence when trimming lawn on highlands and irregular landscape. In fewer optimal mowing conditions, you will be enabled to retain the advantages of the zero spin mower categories while acquiring extra power.

You’ll further cherish your 34-inch mowing route. The dual blade scheme makes it much simpler for your garden to have the ideal trim. Additionally, you’ll also be eligible to take additional benefit of Troy-Bilt’s outstanding one-cylinder OHV motor.

Additional Features of the Troy Bilt Mustang 42

Continue reading to find about the additional features of this lawnmower which are given below:

  • The Troy-Bilt Mustang 42 has been outfitted with a 42″ slicing sideboard with interconnected premium board washer, side release potential, and 8 ergonomic elevation configurations for big landscapes as well as effective trimming.
  • It possesses an 18″ elevated rear chair and springs with double ejection for a pleasant fun experience. The seat can be adjusted as well for the rider’s ease.
  • This lawnmower showcases Zero-Turn flexibility to conserve time without subsequent plucking and longer-lasting forward caster tires.
  • This mower arrives with a back bumper and board washing package which is sold individually with the additional bagger and silage kit.
  • Troy-Bilt provides a 3-year restricted housing contract and a lifelong guarantee.
  • The blade is extremely sharp which cuts the grass evenly in your lawn.
  • This lawnmower is equipped with 2-way ergonomic seat bars and board height modification to 8 distinct positions for the perfect cutting of the grass.

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Pros and Cons of the Troy Bilt Mustang 42

troy bilt mustang 42As with any riding mower, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this mower from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Troy Bilt Mustang 42.


  • This lawnmower has a system of dual shafts.
  • It has a cutting-path of 34 inches.
  • It gives hydrostatic two-way transfer.
  • It provides battery-powered PTO (power take-off) for convenient and simple blade interaction. 
  • It has forward caster tires that allow longer impact living.
  • It has a comfy elevated-back chair for a pleasant experience, with double suspended shafts.
  • It has heavy-duty machinery.
  • The deck washing system is outstanding.
  • It mows the lawn quickly and has enhanced reliability.
  • The adjustable seat feature makes it easy for the rider to mow the lawn.
  • It provides a lifetime guarantee.


  • The blades don’t cut all the grass.
  • The adjustable seat feature can be a little frustrating some times.
  • Installation is a bit hard.
  • It is not suitable to use on wet grass.
  • The additional bagging kit can be purchased individually.
  • It is slightly expensive for some customers.

Alternatives to the Troy Bilt Mustang 42

We here at Best Riding Lawn Mowers know that one mower isn’t the end-all-be-all. As such, we want to ensure you have alternative options available. Below is a table with four alternative riding mowers that may better meet your needs.

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Our Final Verdict

From the above information, it is evident that Troy-Bilt Mustang 42 Zero Turn Cruising Lawn Mower is an amazing lawnmower. It has all the features that one finds in a perfect lawnmower. We would highly recommend this mower if it meets all your requirements. Then, what are you waiting for?

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